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Hey there! I’m Sharita!
And this is my morning cup of tea!

I’m a suburban Arizona, wife and mom obsessed with all things pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood. I’m turning my passion for education into a virtual community for parents. 

Here you’ll get 100% free content; because I love sharing advice and tips. This blog is designed not only to inspire you but to  reprogram limiting beliefs so that you can create a thriving family life!

joy + gratitude


So what do you want to slay today?

I’ve got you covered from the a-ha to the uh-oh moments from pregnancy to parenthood





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Mindfulness & Self-care Webinar Recap and Replay

Recap: At any given moment being a parent can bring feelings of increased anxiety, fear, stress, mixed emotions, and so much more depending on your set of circumstances. You’re not alone. Managing your mental health is an essential part of your overall health and...

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How To Establish A Cleaning Routine

If you read “How I Maintain a Clean Home... and Keep My Sanity” then you know that we hired housekeepers to clean our home. It was one of the best decisions we’ve made for my sanity. However like many of you, my family and I have been self quarantined; We’ve pretty...

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COVID-19 Webinar Recap and Replay

Watch our Pregnancy and Delivery during COVID-19 question and answer webinar Some of the most common questions we’ve been seeing since the start of the pandemic have been about pregnancy and delivery during COVD-19. So we turned to an expert to get the latest clinical...

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Setting Goals and Sticking To Them

I set goals for myself; ones that I know are realistic and achievable. Here’s the thing before I continue I think I should distinguish resolutions and goals because people get the two mixed up. So let’s clarify; a resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do...

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How I Maintain a Clean Home…and Keep My Sanity

I have always been obsessed with cleanliness and organization. Even before children it was important for me to have a clean home. When we moved from a 1000 sq ft condo to a home with more than 3000 square feet it became overwhelming to keep up with all the cleaning,...

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