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The first year of parenthood can feel like a whirlwind; be prepared with support from Doulas of Phoenix.


Doulas of Phoenix celebrates and supports you on your journey to parenthood providing childbirth education and postpartum care in Phoenix, Arizona.  Sharita and Anthony will help to instill strength, confidence and reduce fear and anxiety as you prepare for and welcome baby.  They do this by providing personalized and professional pregnancy, birth and postpartum services and childbirth education classes.

As experts in the birth field Sharita and Anthony use their knowledge to become a vital part of your support team.  In addition to that, Doulas of Phoenix will help you to achieve your pregnancy, birth and postpartum goals.

From the start Doulas of Phoenix will take the time to get to know you, your family and what you expect from this experience.

We will thought-partner with you on your birth and postpartum goals. 


To fit your family’s

unique needs

Postpartum Vision Planning

We will spend time discussing your feelings as you transition into parenthood We will work together so that you feel ready to face every challenge.

Exceptional Support

You will have the time to heal, rest and bond with your newborn. Take time for you – shower, eat a warm meal, or take a nap while your Sharita cares for your newborn.

Meal Planning

We offer an extensive meal planning questionnaire including likes, dislikes and food preferences, shopping lists and weekly meal planning templates.

Newborn Care

Sharita can help with and teach parents on diapering, swaddling, soothing, and bathing their newborn.

Newborn Feeding

Sharita supports all methods of infant feeding – breastfeeding, formula feeding or a combination of both.

Exceptional Care

Sharita is trained in emotionally supporting you. She can also recognize normal postpartum recovery and affirm reaching out to your care provider when needed.


Childbirth Education Classes

We provide a uniquely customized childbirth education classes.  You’ll get real talk about the whole childbirth process. We offer a comprehensive childbirth education classes will give you and your partner the tools and resources needed to feel confidently prepared for labor and delivery.  We will also set realistic exceptions regarding the experience of bringing home a newborn, recovery, sleeplessness nights and newborn feeding drama. Upon completion of a course you’ll leave feeling supported and most importantly prepared.

All classes are offered in private and in group settings.

Childbirth: How, When, & Why Education Series

This class is designed to answer all of your questions about pregnancy and birth — How will it happen? When might it happen? Why is it happening?  Whichever class you chose you will leave with realistic exceptions regarding childbirth.

Read this blog post to learn more about how attending a childbirth education class benefits you.


When you take HypnoBirthing with Sharita not only will you learn about the process of childbirth you will also learn how to take the fear out of birthing.  This class will leave you feeling empowered and ready for baby’s arrival.  Read this blog post to learn more about HypnoBirthing.

Along with learning about childbirth, ​HypnoBirthing will teach you:

  • To trust your body and the process of birth
  • Visualization and self-hypnosis techniques
  • To release your fears and focus on the birth you desire