You’ll receive tips, tools and strategies to thrive in your pregnancy, postpartum and parenting goals

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  • Parentpiphany offers a range of services that include: creating sustainable organizational systems; pregnancy and postpartum planning; and thought-partnering during work and life transitions.
  • We instill strength and reduce fear by providing every family the support and resources needed as they navigate pregnancy, postpartum and parenting.
  • We will not only support you in your choices (in whatever you decide is right for you and your family) but we will also celebrate you!

Our Services

Virtual Doula Consulting

Rest easy knowing exceptional prenatal and postpartum care is a video call and email away.  Any of our packages make for a great baby shower or postpartum gift!

Childcare Options

We help you to explore available childcare options and what might be best for you and your family.

Postpartum Vision Planning

We will help you prepare for your fourth trimester, the three months.

Establishing A Family Center

We will help you as you set a strong, sustainable organizational foundation for your new family.

Birth Vision Planning

We will help you craft a birth plan that aligns with your ideal birth experience.

Childbirth Education

We provide you with knowledge to prepare for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and early postpartum days.

Work/Life Transitions

We will help you plan for parental leave and re-entering the workplace after baby’s arrival.


With help from Parentpiphany stressful situations, tasks and chores will become simple and approachable

Parentpiphany isn’t just about content; it’s about community.

One of the hardest things many parents face is the feeling of being isolated, and it can totally overwhelming sometimes. And while it’s the hardest thing it’s also the most common.  That’s why it’s so important to create your own community. 

Join The Parentpiphany Community

Here at Parentpiphany we get the frustrations, the wins and everything that goes with parenting. We have created a community to be honest and open and feel welcome rather than criticized. 


When you’re a part of our community we will answer your questions. We will celebrate you and your family. And most importantly, we will listen to you.

In order for this to really work, we need you to be a part of it. And by that we want to hear your stories. We want to know your experiences.  So share with us, engage with us, help us create an active and supportive community of parents who are empowered to be real about the aha and uh-oh moments of it all.


Other Ways To Engage & Grow

Speaking Engagement

Interested in having The Doula Couple at an upcoming conference or event? We speak on a variety of topics relating to birth and parenting. If your organization seeks to engage, celebrate, uplift and empower its members, employees, colleagues and guests, then the speaker for your next event must be none other than Sharita.

Corporate Rewards Program

Does your employer offer resources to expecting and new parents? Do you feel prepared to leave and re-enter the workforce? Being a working parent isn’t easy; balancing the responsibilities of parenthood and a professional career can be challenging.  Parentpiphany partners with businesses to offer parents in the workforce the support and resources parents need as they welcome a baby and return back to work.

Mindful Retreats

Looking to connect with a group of women over a 2-day retreat? We plan on hosting our first mindful retreat in the Fall of 2020.  If you’re interested in more information because complete this interest form.  At this time these retreats are geared towards mothers (new and expectant).