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Mom Burnout Doesn’t Have To Be Permanent

Trust me, I understand exactly where you’re at! I know the uncertainty, anxiety, and stress — the burnout — that can come with becoming a mom and being a parent. Like you, I struggled (silently) with my inability to manage all the things in my life: running a household, maintaining relationships, and work while raising a family. Doing all the things left me feeling unaccomplished, uninspired, and resentful. You’re starting to doubt your decisions. Raise your hand if every day life leaves you feeling…


Overwhelmed by everything


Anxious because you’re constantly busy


Unable to prioritize or focus on what truly matters


Exhausted all the time


Unable to enjoy time with your loved ones


Burnt out because you’ve overextended yourself

👏🏿You 👏🏿 are 👏🏿 not 👏🏿 a bad mom.
You need someone to help you figure it out, and that’s OK. Let me help you!

I’ve created a roadmap for your to feel confident in all aspects of your life! I’ve jammed packed Parent With Clarity membership with strategies, tools and tips from a-to-z wrapped up in an accessible platform. You’ll go from a frazzled hot mess to a mom of getting all the thinks done without burning out!

Hi! I’m Sharita!

I’m a mindset coach. 

I specialize in helping moms and moms to be who are stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed get back to learning, growing, and being inspired every day.

My mission is to help moms destroy negative thought patterns and behaviors using emotional intelligence and mindset strategy as the foundation of our work together. When you work with me, you’ll get personalized and tangible feedback so if you’re ever stuck you’ll have plenty of support!

let’s get real

Motherhood doesn’t come with an instruction manual

And there is no one-size fits all approach

Some days, it probably feels like you’re #killinit as a parent.
But other days it may feel more like parenting is killing you… I get it!

But with a few simple changes you could:

Bring the fun back into parenting!


Thrive, not just survive, throughout parenthood!


Set goals that are worth achieving!


Feel and be 100% capable of handling #allthethings!


Learn how to ditch your overwhelming thoughts!


Wake up every day empowered to do and be your best!

Parent With Clarity

is a game-changer for moms who want to beat mom burnout:


EMPOWER YOURSELF. By enrolling in the membership program it will boost your confidence; and it will make you feel proud and accomplished, just as you should feel!


REDUCE STRESS. No more worrying about where to get answers, no more anxiety and sleepless nights, no more stressing about juggling all the things in life while raising a family.


Positive Mindset Shift


Learn To Nurture Yourself


Become More Productive


Lean Into What Works


Parenting Philosophies


Learn Proven Strategies

Here’s how it works

Unlock community, courses and strategies by becoming a member of the mom support club!


Sign up and become an Academy member


Watch course videos and build community


Apply what you’ve learned and thrive

Set your own pace. No pants required.

This program was designed with you in mind!  100% online, you can participate from anywhere – home, work, or in the line at Costso.

I’ve broken everything down into easy-to-understand strategies and processes. Nothing is too complicated – just follow the detailed and straightforward instructions and voilà! Learn as much or as little as you choose; it’s totally up to you!

Ready To stop doubting and start living your best life?

Check out these amazing club membership benefits YOU’LL GET

Instant, On-Demand Access. Work through the modules and lessons at your own pace.


Virtual Support. Access to a responsive Team who are invested in your success!


Private Facebook Community. Get access to and engage with Sharita, Team members, and a supportive community.


Bite-sized videos and audio clips. I know you’re busy, so each video and audio clip is quick and practical.


Learn From Anywhere. My goal is to make everything as easy as possible, especially with our on-the-go app.


Discounts. You’ll receive discounts on the merch.

Oh, and let’s not forget the bonus…

Enjoy 52 weeks of email communications that feature tips, tools and ideas about how to best achieve your pregnancy, postpartum and parenting goals.

and so much more… you’ll have to find out for yourself

Okay, sold!

How much is this gonna cost me?
How about you get started for just $37. Yes, you can join for just $37 per month;  Enroll in Parent With Clarity and receive all membership benefits so you never feel unclear in your motherhood journey again!

The price you pay today at signup is your renewal price for as long as you remain a member. Lock it in! As soon as you join, you’ll be redirected to our membership dashboard.

But wait there’s more… Join group coaching!

We all know that accountability is sometimes the make or break for you when it comes to learning something new

Work with me through my group coaching program where you get the opportunity to ask me anything. I’ll help you strategize further, dig deeper and make your dream life happen! My goal is to make sure you feel super empowered and equipped to live your best life and be happy while raising your children. I’ll give you ideas on how to tweak it to best fit your life, walk you through any areas of concern and give you extra strategy around any module.

group coaching includes:

Group Coaching Sessions


Invitation Only Online Events


Accountability Masterminds


Weekly Touchpoints With Sharita

Sharita Thompson Coaching

Looking for even MORE support?
Apply to the Mom Support VIP One-On-One Coaching experience!

So, Are You Ready to stop feeling burnout and…

start being the rad mom you are?


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Don’t delay.
Get enrolled now in Parent With Clarity.

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I’ve got answers to your top
questions and concerns. 

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Your results from Mom Support™ may vary from other members. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. This program takes time, effort, and dedication. We believe we have provided you the roadmap to achieve your desired results. You can review our privacy and terms here