Financial Literacy For Young Children Webinar Recap and Replay

May 21, 2020

More than ever before it is imperative that toady’s parents help their children avoid insecurity, stress, and debt-ridden futures that are a result of bad money habits and attitudes. Anthony and I believe it’s important that we help our children build their money, goal-setting, planning and life skills; that’s why we wanted to help parents empower their children in the same way. So we went to an expert to help you with the steps needed to get your children on the road to financial freedom and financial wellness. 

Recap: During this webinar with guest expert, Sam X Renick, discussed how parents can establish early age and family financial literacy by teaching young kids about money. Sam X Renick is a Children’s Author, Financial Educator and co-Creator of Sammy Rabbit. 

Replay: Watch our Financial Literacy For Young Children Q&A webinar with a guest expert below or catch the full conversation on our learning channel.

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Authored by Sharita Thompson, M.Ed, HBCE

Meet the guest expert

Sam X Renick

Sam is an award winning financial educator, children’s author, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He is the driving force behind Sammy Rabbit and his Dream Big Read financial education strategy. Sam’s exemplary work with over a quarter million children has resulted in multiple honors for himself and others, including the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education Muriel F. Siebert Lifetime Achievement Award. His efforts have been chronicled and quoted by a variety of media including NPR, MSN, New York Times, Yahoo Finance, the Armed Forces Network, Kiplinger, etc.

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