My HypnoBirthing Experiences

March 26, 2020

If you haven’t read my blog on HypnoBirthing you should; it’s located here for your reading pleasure. In case you don’t I’m going to very quickly summarize HypnoBirthing. It’s a child birthing method that combines hypnosis, deep breathing, visualization, meditation and other techniques.  Those who use it often hope to achieve a calmer, stress-free birth. 

I love HypnoBirthing!

You’ll probably read that a lot because it’s the truth.  I credit HypnoBirthing for getting me through both of my pregnancies; each was challenging for their own reasons. I had such a wonderful experience with HypnoBirthing during my first pregnancy that I decided to become a Certified HypnoBirthing Educator.  

I learned about HypnoBirthing at Babies R Us.

Let’s go back in time to 2016 when Babies R Us was still open and offered free or low cost workshops to expectant and new parents. One of the workshops I attended was an introduction to HypnoBirthing. I had no idea what HypnoBirthing was; I mean I could tell it was a childbirth class but outside of that I truly didn’t understand what I had signed up for and there wasn’t much coming up on Google.  After I left the workshop I knew HypnoBirthing was right for me and my unborn child, especially given that I wanted an unmedicated birth and I realized I needed to mentally prepare myself to have that kind of birth.  Fate intervened as my birth doula (who I met at another Babies R Us workshop) was a newly certified HypnoBirthing educator who was eager to practice what she learned on her clients. Anthony, my hubby and the other half of The Doula Couple, was on-board to please his very pregnant, very hormonal wife.  At this point I was already 34 weeks pregnant, not leaving a lot of time to take the 5-week course. But we practiced the meditations and affirmations, and I read the book. I was all in. 

HypnoBirthing encourages you to bond as a family.

One of the things that really resonated with me about HypnoBirthing is that it focuses on bonding as a family — with your partner and with your baby.  We focused on the life we were creating for our child. We had our families write notes welcoming our unborn children in the world and to share words of wisdom and encouragement that they could reference back to. This truly was one of the more special things I have done for my children.  

I remember feeling extremely connected to my husband as we read the meditations, he would massage me when I needed it the most and he drew baths for me so that I could meditate as I soaked in the tub.  

Positive affirmations

HypnoBirthing is all about preparing your mindset to have a calm birth.  Positive affirmations, birth ones in particular can help re-frame your mind so that you feel exactly how you want to feel. It’s best to remind yourself daily of your positive affirmation(s).  Think of these affirmations as little love notes to yourself or perhaps to your family. For me it was important to write them down (on post-its, white boards, etc) and hang them up in my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and desk area. These were typically the places I most frequented so I was receiving positive affirmations throughout the day; from when I first woke up and then throughout the day. Trust me, having this constant reminder has an impact on how you feel; it’s very nurturing and uplifting. 

HypnoBirthing, baby!

With both of my deliveries I was able to listen to my body and breathe the baby down; I truly was able to listen to my instincts.  It was beautiful. I delivered in a hospital that I thought would be more respectful of my wishes of wanting an unmediated HypnoBirth. I created a calm and relaxing environment in my hospital room by turning off the lights and using battery operated tea lights throughout the room. My nurses were respectful of either asking me or informing me of when lights would be turned on. While laboring I dropped down into deep states of relaxation and my breathing became very calm. As my body progressed through some very deep surges (contractions) I recalled my HypnoBirthing instruction. I continued to stay in tune with my body and breath.   With my second delivery in particular I literally allowed my body to do what it wanted and two pushes later our beautiful daughter was born. 

During both labors and deliveries Anthony demonstrated so much love and support for me; it was truly incredible. Through HypnoBirthing we were able to show ourselves so much love and compassion for one another.  

I still use the techniques I learned!

I still use the meditation and visual techniques I learned in the course today.  Life like pregnancy can be overwhelming at certain times. It’s not always easy but I try to keep a positive outlook on life, even when I’ve struggled. Meditation is a great self care technique and visualization is a very powerful tool.  Those things combined with positive thoughts make you feel good and excited about events going on in your life. 

I found my own strength by going through the HypnoBirthing course. I felt more confident not only in my ability to give birth but to face difficult decisions.  

A quick recap

1 :: HypnoBirthing is amazing!!!

2 :: It’s a great childbirth class if you’re looking to bond with your partner and baby while keeping a positive attitude. 

3 :: Pregnant or not you should feed your mind with positive thoughts and allow yourself to feel excited and confident about your life!

Share with us, leave your thoughts in the comments below or in our private Facebook group. I would love to hear about your experience with finding a lifestyle that fits your needs. 

Authored by Sharita Thompson, M.Ed, HBCE

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