Parentpiphany Pump + Pack Terms

Parentpiphany is pleased to facilitate the transport of breastmilk for parents that are unable to breastfeed because they are away from their baby. As part of the Service offered under our Terms of Use, Parentpiphany offers the following “Parentpiphany Pump + Pack” products and service options (the “Parentpiphany Pump + Pack Service”):
  • Pump + Post Kit – Parentpiphany provides and coordinates the delivery of Pump + Post Kits, and coordinates delivery options allowing you to transport refrigerated breastmilk to your baby from and to locations in the United States as delivered by a Third Party Carrier (defined below).
  • Pump + Carry Pack – Parentpiphany provides and coordinates the delivery of Pump + Carry Packs consisting of foam ice packs that will help you keep your breastmilk refrigerated in your carry-on luggage while traveling in the United States.
  • Pump + Check Kit – Parentpiphany provides Pump + Check Kits allowing you to pack and keep-frozen breastmilk in your checked luggage while traveling in the United States or internationally.
These terms (the “Parentpiphany Pump + Pack Terms”) apply whenever you order or use the Parentpiphany Pump + Pack Service (including your purchase or use of any Parentpiphany Pump + Pack Product (defined below)) and are part of Parentpiphany’s Terms of Use. Any capitalized terms not defined in these Parentpiphany Pump + Pack Terms have the meaning for such terms as set forth in the Terms of Use. Any information collected in connection with Parentpiphany Pump + Pack is governed by our Privacy Policy. If there is a conflict between these Parentpiphany Pump + Pack Terms and the Terms of Use, these Parentpiphany Pump + Pack Terms will control provided that, to avoid doubt, in all instances the Disclaimers, Limitation of Liability, and Dispute Resolution and Arbitration provisions in the Terms of Use will apply to the Parentpiphany Pump + Pack Service.


As part of the Parentpiphany Pump + Pack Service, we offer the following products, Pump + Post Kit, Pump + Carry Pack, Pump + Check Kit, (each a “Product”) that contain item(s) to help package your breastmilk to prepare it for travel and help keep your breastmilk refrigerated when in transit to your baby. Each of these Products made available by Parentpiphany are provided by third party manufacturer (each a “Manufacturer”), and will include both instructions to assist you with packaging your breastmilk, and any terms from that Manufacturer regarding warranties and limitations relating to that Product (the “Manufacturer Terms”). You acknowledge and agree that the Manufacturer Terms are entered into between you and the Manufacturer, and not with Parentpiphany. You must carefully read, review, and comply with all packing instructions we provide with each Product. When using the Pump + Post Kit, do not forget to pack the instructions on the top of the shipment package so that your caregiver will have immediate access to them when he or she receives the Kit.
Pump + Pack Post Kit

Medical-grade refrigerated shipping container

6 tamper-proof breastmilk storage bags that transport up to 36 oz. of breastmilk

Up to 72 hours refrigeration

Overnight shipping within the U.S. via FedEx

One-time use

Pump + Pack Carry Kit

TSA-friendly foam ice pack that fits easily in most travel coolers

Keeps milk cold longer than gel or water ice packs

*Cooler and breastmilk storage bags are not included


Pump + Pack Check Kit

Durable cooler with antimicrobial liner

Transports up to 270 oz. of milk (about 9 days worth / fits 45 standard breastmilk storage bags)

Keeps breastmilk frozen up to 24 hours

9 foam cooling packs

*Breastmilk storage bags are not included


Use + Refrigeration

It is crucial to pump in a safe and hygienic way and maintain breastmilk at an appropriate refrigerated temperature. To ensure that breastmilk remains at an appropriate temperature while in transit, check the breastmilk with a thermometer immediately before packing and on arrival to ensure its temperature meets your standards. Refrigerate or freeze the breastmilk immediately on arrival. You acknowledge and agree that you and your caregivers are responsible for conducting your due diligence to determine your standards for milk temperature. You agree that you are responsible for ensuring that:
  • You only collect breastmilk using a clean pump.
  • Your breastmilk is properly refrigerated or frozen before packing.
  • Your breastmilk is fed only to your baby.
  • You otherwise follow all instructions provided with the Product.

No liability for failure to follow instructions

Without limiting any of the limitations on Parentpiphany’s liability in Parentpiphany’s Terms of Use, Parentpiphany will not be liable to you for any damages arising from or in connection with any failure to follow any instructions provided or other uses or misuse of the Products (or parts of the Products). Any remedies you may have with regard to the Product are subject to the Manufacturer Terms. Without limiting the generality of the preceding sentence, Parentpiphany will have no liability in connection with any failure to collect milk using a clean pump, any use of your breast milk other than in connection with your baby, or any failure to ensure that breastmilk remains at an appropriate and safe temperature at all times.

Ordering + Delivery

Parentpiphany uses third-party delivery companies to deliver the Products to you and, if applicable, to ship the Products to your baby’s caregiver. Parentpiphany disclaims all liabilities for shipping delays from its carrier partners. It is your responsibility to review and comply with all applicable shipping partner terms including Mercury Terms and ConditionsFedEx Terms of Use, and UPS Legal Terms and Conditions. Parentpiphany’s Third Party Shippers may not be able to deliver to every location and may not offer shipping or delivery on Sundays. It is your responsibility to coordinate pickup time with the Third Party Shipper and delivery time with your caregiver to ensure proper temperature and storage conditions. You acknowledge that Parentpiphany is not responsible for any delays, lost packages, or other events outside of Parentpiphany’s control that may affect delivery (e.g., weather events). Deliveries may be tracked with the tracking number provided to you and are subject to the Third Party Carrier’s terms of use or other delivery-related policy documents. Further, It is your responsibility to provide accurate and complete addresses, including apartment and suite addresses, if applicable, and to notify any third party recipients of the expected delivery as applicable. When shipping your Product to your baby’s caregiver, Parentpiphany does not schedule the pickup of the Product by the Third Party Carrier. It is your responsibility to arrange for pickup of your Product by the Third Party Carrier when shipping your breastmilk. These Parentpiphany Pump + Pack Terms were last updated on October 11, 2020.