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So you’re totally obsessed with The Clarity Hour Podcast and the impact its had not only had in your life but your family’s as well. You’ve probably been sitting there thinking “how can I show these awesome parents my undying love and appreciation?” Well, we’ve got good news!

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On a budget? We get it! Two dollars gets you our eternal thanks and of course helps us continue to bring on awesome guests and keep The Clarity Hour Podcast running smoothly (we also hear it gives a unicorn its wings). P.S. We always welcome your feedback, suggestions, questions and guest ideas!

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We’d love to talk to you about being featured on The Clarity Hour Podcast. Please contact us at hello@parentwithclarity.com for current rates and further details.

Parent With Clarity Mastermind

Pledge $300 per Month 

Parent With Clarity was created with one vision in mind; turn an everyday entrepreneur into a freaking productive and profitable one that spreads happiness and positivity. To reach and maintain that vision we aspire to attract the most wildly ambitious and creative women who are ready to do the work! This mastermind is not for the faint of heart. Forget boring and blah, it’s time for your business to shine online.

Your first month gets you a fan t-shirt and a handwritten message lovingly inscribed by the hosts. Each month will also include one 90-minute group mastermind session to discuss your individual business goals and action plans. A video recording of each meeting along with 4 action steps to carry out before our next meeting. A private Facebook community for group support where you can continue to ask us any questions between coaching calls. Sound pretty freaking fabulous? We think so.

Our Why

Starting a family is probably the most awesome decisions you ever made. You love being a parent, but are overwhelmed with all the things you have to do. How on earth are you supposed to be do it all while also taking care of yourself? Well, friend, we’ve got you.

Consider yourself home here at Parent With Clarity. We help overwhelmed parents create a functioning home like to tame the chaos of their everyday life. We’ve got happy students from all over the world from parents-to-be to parents-to-many. At Parent With Clarity we strive to pivot the parent community from keepers of secrets to givers of tactics and strategies. When we unlock something (anything) we’re ready to turn around and deliver it right to you so you can get to thriving. Because here’s the deal:

We believe you have dreams that are worth achieving.
We believe you should wake up every day empowered to do and be your best.
We believe you are 100% capable.
We want you to go after a life that you will love and feel good while doing it.

Disclaimer: Rates subject to change at anytime.