Tea: Good For the Mind and Soul

February 25, 2020

I guess you could call me a life-long tea drinker. 

My mother is an avid tea drinker and teapot collector enthusiast*.  From a young age I’ve enjoyed drinking tea. I grew up having tea with my mother and sisters; we’d have a cup of tea before bedtime as a way for us to gather together. I have fond memories of sitting at the table enjoying a good cup of tea after my mother meticulously put it together.  And it’s because of this that I love sharing tea with family and friends while having great conversations.

Tea is now an integral part of my day. Every morning I look forward to taking a moment to pause, reflect on the day ahead and sip a cup or two.  Although I must admit that sometimes this ritual gets interrupted by my two small children (under the age of 4).  I find myself needing to reheat that cup in the microwave (I know, shameful) but it needs to be done to truly enjoy it.  A good cup of tea always brings a smile to my face. And when I am able to take 20 minutes out of my day to drink tea, it is truly one of the easiest ways to reconnect with myself.

Simply put tea is good for the soul. 

There’s truly something soothing and therapeutic about a good cup of tea. The ritual of making and enjoying tea can help me stay grounded – even if it’s just for those 20 minutes. But tea helps me slow down and appreciate the moment.

My love of tea inspired ParenTea Talk (Parent + Tea)

As I said before I really loved the aspects of coming together over a pot of tea. I believe meaningful connections can be made during this time. And I really believe in the importance of having real conversations when it comes to pregnancy, postpartum and early parenthood. As a doula and childbirth educator I support and celebrate parents just like you so that you can THRIVE!

I invite you to join me and Anthony (my husband and the other half of The Doula Couple) every Tuesday on Facebook.  On ParenTea Talk we’ll explore what it means to be a parent (new and expectant). Don’t forget to bring your tea cups and coffee mugs!

Are you also a tea drinker? Do you love tea like me? What’s your favorite? Share your thoughts on below or on FacebookAnd don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.  

Authored by Sharita Thompson, M.Ed, HBCE

*As I mentioned my mother, Dr. Unjeria Jackson, is a teapot collector and chronicled part of her collection in Teapots by Design: A Collectors’ Catalogue (Schiffer Book for Collectors); available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. So if you like looking at pretty things and want to add a book to your coffee table then this would make a great addition to your home.

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