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Hey there! I’m Sharita!
And this is my morning cup of tea!

I’m a suburban Arizona, wife and mom obsessed with all things pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood. I’m turning my passion for education into a virtual community for parents. 

Here you’ll get 100% free content; because I love sharing advice and tips. This blog is designed not only to inspire you but to  reprogram limiting beliefs so that you can create a thriving family life!

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So what do you want to slay today?

I’ve got you covered from the a-ha to the uh-oh moments from pregnancy to parenthood





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Maybe Monday’s Aren’t So Bad

Like many of you I used to dread Monday’s. The weekend always felt like it went by too fast. Monday’s often felt long and drawn out; I also noticed I was more exhausted and frankly uninspired on Monday’s. I would desperately want the day to be over. But now I look...

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Transforming Your Hospital Room

You’re heading to the hospital or birth center to welcome your baby into the world -- congratulations! Hospital rooms can feel especially sterile so let’s create a calm and relaxing environment for you and your baby! We’ll cover the senses. Sight :: Hospital rooms...

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A Tip On How To Keep Your Baby Safe While Sleeping

YOU’VE BROUGHT HOME YOUR BUNDLE OF JOY AND NOW YOU’LL SPEND A LOT OF YOUR PARENTING KEEPING YOUR CHILD SAFE. As parents, especially new parents, you are constantly bombarded by new potential fears. Am I feeding my baby enough? Is s/he getting the right kind of...

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Financial Freedom Webinar Recap and Replay

Children are expensive; from diapers, health insurance to all of the stuff in between supporting your growing family can quickly add up. And since we're all about being prepared we think that should include financial preparedness as well. That's why we went to someone...

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Postpartum Care Essentials

New moms, let's talk postpartum care essentials When you’re pregnant it’s really easy to think about all the cute and necessary baby things, but what about you? Have you considered what might be helpful to have on hand as you heal after birth? Let’s be real… probably...

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